Sara & John

John and Sara Crosby are a husband and wife team with over 20 years of computer and design experience. Small businesses are their passion and they have been working and creating successful ventures together for the last 18 years; their son being their best creation to date. Their combined experience is robust, if you name it they have probably not only done it but learned every aspect of it and will bring all of their knowledge and hard work into every website they create. 
John is a former chef turned keyboard jockey and brings 20 years of experience to Dwell Good. He is the guy who makes everything in the binary world possible for our clients and their businesses to exist online.
Sara is an Army veteran and former interior designer turned housewife and writer who brings over 20 years of creativity and marketing to Dwell Good. She is the gal who takes everything John creates in the binary world and makes it look good to bring our clients the customer base they seek. 


Have any questions? We are always open to discussing your business, new projects, creative opportunities, and how we can help you.